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Tools & Training That Work! The StressWinner Difference Stress’ is a major problem for Elder Care staff, management and trainees.  It’s too easy to say, “Other organizations may have the problem, but not us!”  Sadly, that just isn’t true.  Stress is everywhere.  Working with the elderly can be very stressful jobs but not necessarily for the reasons most people think.  The Stress of Personal Support Work gives the reader an outline of ways to cope with stress and pressure and even thrive on it.  Even under the worst stresses it is possible to take charge of your mood and your happiness. To the organization the cost of stress is HUGE!: Average  $2,100 per employee per year; Rising every year Devastating impact on families. There are many stress tools and training available but most are expensive, and up to now have been  available only to large firms, institutions  and government.   StressWinner is different.   Our materials and training have already been used and enjoyed by many, including:                                                                     All of these organizations recognized the problem of stress and used StressWinner tools to address it.    But StressWinner’s vision is to affordably provide the benefits of its superior stress reduction tools and training to organizations of every size. For every business and budget, there's a unique need. That's why we deliver a portfolio of books, tools and training, each targeted to deliver specific benefits.  We offer licensed standard packages for business, manufacturing, medical and education.  Our licensing model is also built to scale and to adjust to customer needs quickly and efficiently, delivering the right stress reduction solutions to meet your needs.  We are delighted to provide custom tailored licensed solutions as well. StressWinner is 100% focused on stress reduction solutions and training.  We truly are the stress solution experts.  We integrate StressWinner’s superior methodologies and best practices, delivering it all through our Tools & Training That Work.  Every day is an opportunity for StressWinner to make a difference in the lives and businesses of our customers. THE HISTORY OF STRESSWINNER Founded in 1990 - Over 22 years of development of Stress Reduction tools and training Headquarters: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Stress reduction tools in use across North America and Europe Licensed stress solutions serving Small, Medium and Large Enterprise as well as Medical, and Education.  Passionately driven to help all companies and their employees to enjoy a healthy productive and profitable workplace INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP  StressWinner’s proven ‘12-Key’ stress reduction methodology is available in progressive steps from a wallet cue card, to pocket flipbooks, booklets, books, large workbook resources, full HR Resource Libraries including audio programs, videos and phone apps. Over 80 situation and vocation-specific stress reduction books and e-books; Topic-specific workbooks, worksheets and exercises; Solutions for business, education, counselors, trainers. WHY STRESSWINNER LICENSED TOOLS ARE A SMART DECISION StressWinner helps your staff reduce and better manage their workplace and personal stress so as to be more effective in the workplace and reduce costly errors and omissions. StressWinner helps reduce the absenteeism, short term disability and poor lifestyle which contribute to the average $2,100 lost per employee per year, every year. StressWinner scalable licensing programs make effective stress reduction tools & training affordable to all organizations, eliminating the need for big capital outlays, thus freeing up your funds for primary business expenses. StressWinner lets you pay as you grow rather than over-purchase licensing capacity upfront. StressWinner delivers a faster return on your investment. STRESSWINNER HELPS YOU EXTEND YOUR RESOURCES You can: Quickly and easily implement a stress reduction program Reduce stress-related labor losses. Access a deeper pool of tools, experts and training. Help your staff to be more effective, concentrating on your core business needs. Place your focus back on growing your business StressWinner experts are available to provide on-site consulting and training. StressWinner licensed products are updated in step with StressWinner product enhancement and industry developments.  Through license maintenance, clients receive updates without  having to re-invest in ‘new’ product.  StressWinner is a Green company, adopting principles, policies and practices that improve the quality of life for our customers, our employees, communities, and the environment. ABOUT THE STRESSWINNER ELDER CARE LICENSE PROGRAM StressWinner’s licensed stress reduction tools and training package for Elder Care includes “The Basics”; StressWinner’s proven ‘12-Key’ stress reduction methodology. It’s delivered in progressive steps from a wallet cue card, to pocket flipbooks, to topic-specific books and workbooks, to audio programs and videos, a full HR Stress Resource Library.  Each licensed package is then tailored to the organization to include additional topic and job specific tools. All StressWinner Licensed Product Programs are delivered in electronic file format, easy to install on servers, desktop and laptop computers.  Print Copies are available too. All StressWinner Licensed Product Programs include:                    THE BASICS:  E ’12 KEYS’ 1. RESPONSIBILITY  for Understanding stress and its symptoms, then TAKING CHARGE  and    being  responsible for our response to any challenge; 2. WORRY   Effectively.   Identify stresses. Use  PROBLEM-SOLVING  & DECISION-MAKING 3. RELAXATION   to control the stress response and improve sleep.  4. FITNESS:  Four Habits lead to better Health & Energy 5. THINKING:  Our Thoughts & Attitudes can create stress -  or happiness 6. COMMUNICATION 7.  TIME Management and 8.  MONEY Management.  These three  are vital skills 9. BAGGAGE, or a ‘Backpack’.  Painful  Emotions  add to work and family stress 10. SUPPORT is essential 11. TIME-OUTS are essential in sport. And in Life 12. CHANGE:  We must Change what we’ve been doing.  It’s  hard but knowledge helps 13. THE FORMATS PRINT   All StressWinner publications use the ‘StressWinner 12 Key’ mnemonic to help people actually remember and USE what they learn about taking charge of stress: The WALLET CARD assesses  stress levels and is a reminder  of both relaxation and the ‘12 Keys’. 22 PAGES.  The Pocket StressWinner   –  The  ‘Pocket StressWinner’ e-booklet is a really quick guide to StressWinner’s 12-Keys.  Use the simple, questionnaire format to see how many of the effective stress-relieving tools you are using now . 46 PAGES: WINNING YOUR BATTLE WITH STRESS  -  This  e-book uses a picture of stress as a ‘battle', introducing concepts and solutions simply and practically using  StressWinner’s  12 KEY mnemonic to make them easier to remember.    164 PAGES:  ‘HOW TO BE STRESSWINNER’’.   More detail  on each of the 12  Keys. 264 PAGES:  ‘STRESS 101’ - 264-page e-book composed of a selection of 101 popular newspaper columns.   It’s highly readable and packed with useful information.   In addition to the basics, articles include: • Changing your lifestyle   • Thriving on special stresses such as holidays, bereavement, school, debt, addictions, parenting, aging and many more. The action planner after each article helps readers gain a sense of control over their responses to life’s stresses. 450 PAGES: ‘LIFEWINNER’  –  The 12 Keys to Stress, Health and Happiness. This resource is available in print form only since it has a lot of interactive sections. It shows you how the 12 Keys, if used, can improve health as well as reducing stress and increasing happiness. 480 PAGES:  ‘THE STRESSWINNER WORKBOOK’   -   An  e-book with: o 25 Main Sections o One page summary in each section o Easy to read o Questionnaires and interactive sections which can be printed o Useful quotes and jokes o Each section available as ready-made booklets AUDIO “HOW TO BE A STRESSWINNER”  Guides  the listener through the 12 Keys and demonstrates a simple, effective relaxation technique. “RELAX”  This program teaches  people how to relax both mind and body, and use  imagination to create powerful images which will strengthen the ability  become healthier.   This skill is invaluable in reducing harmful tension,  coping  with tough situations such as dealing with difficult people, getting to sleep without medications and improving performance at work and at play. “SLEEP” teaches people to combine relaxation, self-talk and mental imagery to relax the body and focus the mind in order to get to sleep, even if they are under stress.  VIDEO THE STRESSWINNER VIDEO SET: Five 30 minute videos of PowerPoint presentations. Can easily be used for ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions. PHONE APP An extended version of ‘The Pocket StressWinner’ available for smartphones in ePub and PDF formats. ADDITIONAL  RESOURCES A SIMPLE GUIDE TO DEPRESSION Depression is a huge burden for the patient and the employer too. It needs to be treated as soon as possible.   The goal is to achieve a full remission, not leave depression half-treated. This may take  a long time and involve the use of various drugs in sometimes high doses, as  well as effective and appropriate psychotherapy. Once significant improvement has been achieved, hard work is needed to maintain it.  This short 95- page e-book   explains simply  what depression is, what may cause it and what can be done to treat it. THE TWELVE KEYS TO ULTIMATE HEALTH This is an e-book adaptation of StressWinner’s ’12 key’ stress program focusing on how these concepts will improve people’s health. This is a major concern for employers faced with rising costs of insurance plans, short and long term disability and loss of valued employees to heart disease, stroke and complications of diabetes. This resource uses the model of the ‘Wheel of Health’.  Scores from each of the 12 questionnaires are placed on the wheel and you can see instantly the areas that need attention.  This image emphasizes that one of the most important things we can do to become healthier is to achieve balance in all areas of life. Two programs are included: The Short Program - has  12 Questionnaires which are then  scored and placed on the ‘Wheel of Health’. The LONG Program - Adds simple. Practical  information and suggestions for change  A SIMPLE GUIDE TO HAPPINESS In this 95-page e-book You’ll find: How happiness has several layers or components Interesting ways of looking at happiness The research on measuring it The link between happiness, health and less stress Specific actions to raise the total of happiness we experience A selection of wisdom and quotes In addition to ‘THE BASICS’ above, StressWinner’s Licensed Long Term Care Product Program includes: THE STRESS OF PERSONAL SUPPORT WORK Working with the elderly can be very stressful but not necessarily for the reasons most people think. The Stress of Personal Support Work gives the reader an outline of ways to cope with stress and pressure and even thrive on it.  Even under the worst stresses it is possible to take charge of your mood and your happiness. THE STRESS OF WORKING All jobs place demands on people.  There might be too much or too little work.  It might be boring, dangerous, dirty, or badly paid, or involve a difficult boss or co-workers.  There may be no feedback or no appreciation.  And shiftwork  is really dangerous! Stress at work means stress at home, creating family problems - and home life affects work.  This e-book includes many simple, easy to use ideas to help people become more equal to the stresses they face.  THE STRESS OF WORKING WORKBOOK   A 500 page e-workbook composed of 25 sections.  Information is easy to find including:  Stress Symptoms, Worry, Problem Solving, Work Stresses including Shift Work, Relaxation, Lifestyle Change, Attitudes, Communication, Conflict and more.   A great resource for Employee Health or HR for training or to reinforce advice.  Includes Audio Programs for:              • Relaxation   • Stress basics  • Sleep               • Weight Loss    • Smoking Cessation THE STRESS OF PRODUCTION & SHIFTWORK Shiftwork  is a major stress, and production work results in poor performance and more injuries when people are stressed.  This e-book lays out the problems  and suggests effective ways to minimize the damage and stay productive. THE STRESS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE Stress comes from difficult or abusive people plus work overload. Add in some  money worries, a difficult child or spouse and the body thinks "I'm being attacked!"  This e-book helps you identify and better manage the stresses of Customer Service. THE STRESS OF MIDDLE MANAGEMENT This e-book outlines the ‘Cross’ of stress which middle management has to deal with.  It offers a framework of practical ideas which  greatly help in adapting to different kinds of problems as well as the  pressure of rapid change. THE STRESS OF I.T.  This critically important job comes with all the usual stresses of modern business, but carries its own special set of problems!  Here the 12 keys are adapted  to help employees  regain the balance. THE STRESS OF JOB LOSS Unemployment is often devastating but it’s a common problem. Employers can reduce their stress by helping those they must let go to understand the emotional roller coaster that follows the pink slip. And all the 12 keys will help people cope and make them stronger in their quest to find ‘another job. "......The language is basic and straight forward.... excellent use of humour" Cathy MacLean, B.Sc. M.D. C.C.F.P. "The ideas are practical, the writing clear and to the point....." Peter Chalvardjian, M.D. "...exactly what I've been looking for: informative, easy to read, concise, great illustrations & quotes, humour throughout..." Joan Niles, R.N.
24-Page Pocket  Flip-Book 46-Page Booklet 164-Page Book Wallet Card Front Back 430-Page Book CD CD 242-Page Book 95-Page Book 95-Page Book CD PHONE OR EMAIL TODAY FOR A QUOTATION  905-876-3969 info@stresswinner.com