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Stress 101 - Recipes for Resilience 
Stress 101- Recipes for Resiliance This book puts the right person in charge of your stress:  YOU! ANXIETY.  It’s one thing that humans really hate. And feeling chronically stressed or depressed ultimately leads to unhappiness and poor health making it difficult if not impossible to change to - or maintain - a healthy lifestyle.  It's not the demands, problems, nor even the tragedies of life that make us sick. It’s only when our strengths and resources do not match what we face that we get stressed, ill and unhappy.  We can choose to accept and use the inevitable problems and stresses of life to increase our happiness. Or we can allow them to destroy us. It’s our choice! This book can help. Composed of a selection of 101 popular newspaper columns, it’s highly readable and packed with useful information. Readers will learn to worry effectively, solve problems, and relax easily. There are outlines of: communication skills, rational thinking, and  managing time and finding meaning, purpose and support. Other articles: Using the medical system, changing your lifestyle and thriving on special stresses such as holidays, bereavement, school, debt, addictions, parenting, aging and many more. The action planner after each article helps readers gain a sense of control over their responses to life’s stresses. Reviews of Dr. Rainham’s books: “.....Practical advice that anyone who feels the slightest bit stressed could benefit from....I think it has just as much to recommend it as ‘The Joy of Stress.’"                                                  Heather McWhinney Senior Acquisitions  Editor Harcourt Brace Canada "..........As a psychologist I find them well written and accurate....I admire the creativity you have put into educating patients about such important and relevant topics.”  Gail Golden, Ph.D. London Health Sciences Centre  “........The materials are excellent....first rate. I would not hesitate in recommending them to colleagues and....patients."    Vincent Poon, M.D.     Community  Medicine University of Toronto Ontario "I read your guidebooks with great interest and pleasure...your books..are sound and helpful."        June Callwood, Author Qunatity Discount Avaiilable.   Contact StressWinner for details. Available as audio clips:
  Book           $22.95