Weight Loss
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HELPING PEOPLE LOSE WEIGHT Losing weight is hard. There are many reasons why people cannot permanently lose weight, ranging from genetics to income to other medical conditions. But high on the list is STRESS. Stress saps our will power, we start to say, “What’s going on?” Eating will temporarily relieve anxiety and feelings of emptiness.             FOR INDIVIDUALS  FOR PROFESSIONALS (click below for more information) (click below for more information)
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WHY would you want to try to help people to lose weight - especially when you’ve got your hands full with really sick patients? Dr. Robert Eckel said it best: “Obesity itself has become a life-long disease, not a cosmetic issue, nor a moral judgement - and it is becoming a dangerous epidemic” The Good News is, treating obesity can be very rewarding as well as challenging. You don’t have to work miracles - a weight loss of only 5- 10% can significantly improve the prognosis for the obese patient.
Sound, science based approaches to the following aspects of weight loss: Dietary modification Exercise Pharmacology, and Motivational. You'll find tools to help manage the psychosocial aspects. Many obese people have major chronic life stresses, inadequate coping skills and quite frequently - depressive illness. Also, information, handouts and ‘pearls’ which will be a potent weapon to aid you in helping people change their way if living for the better.
Once you understand the basics of what needs to be done to lose weight, you can see how stress, anxiety and depression can derail your efforts. If you understand the Stages of Change, Motivation, Ambivalence, and relapse, then you can apply all the stress reduction tools to help you vastly increase your chances of permanent success. Book includes CD.
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