Over 70% of physical symptoms  that patients bring to their family physician  including chest pains, digestive problems, headaches, difficulty breathing, sleep disorders, and more are often not symptoms of  disease, but the result of anxiety and stress! StressWinner materials and training equip people with a vast range of knowledge and practical tools divided into ‘Twelve Keys’ that can be easily and quickly remembered and used to reduce tension and start feeling and performing better. It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, overstretched, or burned out. People can feel more confident and more in control of their lives  and health when they learn how to be a StressWinner. StressWinner puts you in charge.  StressWinner emphasizes the connection between stress, health & happiness, and the fact that ultimately we are all responsible for the mood we are in.
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Stress WinnerTM Stress Reduction Training 6 hours Includes participant manuals Suggested Age: 13+ (appropriate for youth and adults) This is our #1 recommendation. Participants identify where their stress is coming from so they can find ways to deal with the root causes. They learn how tension and anxiety affect their physical and mental health, how to work  with their doctor, identify past and present stressful life events and lifestyle choices that make anxiety worse. They will identify stress-producing attitudes and thought patterns  and prepare to make serious, life-enhancing changes. The 12 Key Principles of stress reduction are then explored in depth using a stop/start model. Common habits that increase stress are exposed and replaced with concrete, constructive steps which will reduce anxiety and improve both physical and mental health. Participants will leave the course with a personalized action plan, immediate steps they can take to improve their mental state and physical health. Participants also receive a certificate acknowledging their participation which looks great on a resume or as part of a professional portfolio.
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Stress Reduction Training
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Fact: If you are feeling like the only  person who can’t seem to  handle life without feeling  stressed, remember that you  are not alone!  Stress and its  effects have been recorded so  extensively that the United  Nations described it as an  epidemic!  As a StressWinner  facilitator you can make a  difference!