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12 Key Principles of Stress Reduction
Stress Winner 12 Key Principles of Stress Reduction 3 hours (half-day) Includes participant manual Suggested Age: 13+ (appropriate for youth and adults) The 12 Key Principles of stress reduction are explored in depth using a stop/start model. Twelve common habits that increase stress are exposed and replaced with specific constructive steps to take which immediately begin reducing stress and improving both physical and mental health. Participants will leave the course with a personalized action plan and will also receive a certificate acknowledging their participation which looks great on a resume or as part of a professional portfolio.
“I have been absolutely blown  away by the impact the course  material has had on people in  my classroom.  It’s a lifeline for  many people who were terrified  about their physical or mental  health, thinking there was  something wrong with them.    I have had participants leave  with their manuals hugged to  their chest.  They found hope in  what they learned from  StressWinner.”    StressWinner Trainer
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1 Stress Reduction Training 12  Keys to Becoming A Stress Winner and Enjoying Optimum Health Focused Module Dr. David Rainham This Manual Belongs To Find A  Course