Winning Your Battle With Stress
Winning Your Battle with Stress Stress is what we feel when we face problems that we feel unable to handle or control—when it seems to us that our problems are becoming stronger than we are for more than a short period of time. It’s unpleasant, and it’s dangerous if it goes on too long. There are many books and programs about handling stress, but this is different. It uses a picture of stress as a contest, or perhaps a 'battle', It makes the concepts simpler, more practical and uses the 12 KEY idea to make them easier to remember. And since we must Change what we are doing, there is a whole chapter on how to do it. This is a small version of ‘How to be  StressWinner’’ In only 46 pages you get the big picture of what stress is and what you can do about it. It’s a very quick read in simple language. So, Put the right person in charge of your Stress: YOU! You’ll find: Practical Tips on* WORRYING Effectively. Identifying your sources of stress * How to RELAX - Deeply and Quickly * FOUR HABITS for better Health & Energy* ELEVEN Powerful ATTITUDES* THREE MAJOR SKILLS for stress relief and increased enjoyment of life You'll also learn how to:* Identify painful EMOTIONS and HABITS that create inner stress * Find SUPPORT AND Take BREAKS that really help * Make the CHANGES you want to reduce stress, and live more Happily $4.50 paper. Download ebook for only $1.50
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