A Simple Guide To Happiness
A SIMPLE GUIDE TO HAPPINESS “It’s good to be just plain happy; it’s a little better to know that you’re happy; but to understand that you're happy and know why and how and still be happy, be happy in the being and the knowing, well that is beyond happiness, that is bliss.” Henry Miller, Writer Happiness: "A feeling of great pleasure, contentment, joy, glad, pleased". - Webster's Dictionary If Happiness: "A feeling of great pleasure, contentment, joy, glad, pleased". - Webster's Dictionary If you were to ask 100 people what they want most out of life, almost all will say: “To be happy.” On the other hand, about 70% of people will tell you that they feel 'stressed out' a lot of the time. Most people who consult a doctor with symptoms such as tiredness, headaches and chest pains are actually showing the effects of being overanxious or depressed, and they do not say they are happy!. It seems that everybody would like to be happy, but ‘happiness’ like ‘stress’, is a concept which people do not generally stop to think deeply about. Everybody uses the words but few people know exactly what they mean by them. Probably everybody means something a little different. The result? Most people don't have any specific plans to increase or measure their overall happiness level—other then perhaps buying a lottery ticket. Most of us simply wait for happiness to happen. "When the mortgage is paid off, I'll be happy," or "When I get married, divorced or when .....". It's perhaps an unusual person who has a specific plan to be as happy as possible. One reason might be that the word has so many different meanings, that things we thought would make us happy often don't and that we forget that to be 'happy' means going through periods of stress and sadness as well. In this book You’ll find: • How happiness has several layers or components • Interesting ways of looking at happiness • The research on measuring it • The link between happiness, health and less stress • Specific actions to raise the total of happiness we experience • A selection of wisdom and quotes on ‘Happiness’ You’ll also discover the links beteween stress and happiness, and how these techniques will not only reduce stress but increase happiness: You start by: * TAKING CHARGE of your stress levels * WORRYING Effectively. Identifying your real sources of stress * USING effective PROBLEM-SOLVING and DECISION-MAKING Then you'll learn: * To RELAX - Deeply and Quickly * Powerful MENTAL IMAGERY techniques to help you make the changes you want * FOUR HABITS for better Health & Energy * ELEVEN Powerful ATTITUDES * THREE SKILLS for stress relief and increased enjoyment of life You'll know how to: * Identify painful EMOTIONS and HABITS that create inner stress * Find SUPPORT * Take BREAKS that really help *Take charge of personal HAPPINESS * Make permanent healthy CHANGES SO, Put the RIGHT person in charge of your Stress and your Happiness: YOU!  "......The language is basic and straight forward.... excellent use of humour" Cathy MacLean, B.Sc. M.D. C.C.F.P. "The ideas are practical, the writing clear and to the point....." Peter Chalvardjian, M.D. "...exactly what I've been looking for: informative, easy to read, concise, great illustrations & quotes, humour throughout..." Joan Niles, R.N.
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