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A Simple Guide To Depression
A SIMPLE GUIDE TO DEPRESSION Depression is in the news these days - and with good reason. More people  suffer from  depression than from any other  illness - about 15% of people are treated for it sometime in their lives and about 5% of people at any one time. Depression can affect your life in many, many ways. It's a major reason why  people lose time from work, suffer from chronic pain and feel chronically tired. Depression is a disease that is recurrent and progressive and causes untold  misery for sufferers and their families. The good news is that a full remission is possible in most cases.  However, depression needs to be treated as soon as possible.   The goal is  to  achieve a full remission, not leave depression half-treated. This may take  a long time and involve the use of various drugs in sometimes high doses, as  well as effective and appropriate psychotherapy. Once significant improvement has been achieved, hard work is needed to  ensure that it is maintained, because relapse is only too common! This short booklet helps explain what depression is, what may cause it and what can be done to treat it - with medication, therapy, self-help and support.
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