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Feeling tense and anxious? You could take a pill, but the effect is short-lived and you learn nothing. Reading about stress management or seeing a counsellor takes time. Below are some ACTIVITIES that can quickly help to lessen the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety. But if you are feeling extremely anxious to the point where you cannot function, or you’re feeling depressed enough to feel hopeless about life then please immediately call your local help line or hospital Emergency Department. The ‘USEFUL TOOLS’ can help you rate your stress level, worry effectively, and get a good overview of the many options you have for becoming more equal to life’s problems.
Depression                          A Simple Guide Click HERE If you think you are          depressed, see your doctor as soon as possible.


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A 10 -Point  Stress  Game Plan
LAUGHTER – IT’S INSTANT STRESS RELIEF You don’t need a joke. Get started with the videos Then practice on your own or with others. At work or at home. Regularly