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KEY #3 : RELAXATION Reduce overall  tension, sleep well, cope better. . •Slow,regular breaths, push out tummy, let breaths out slowly, smoothly & completely •Let muscles relax, from top to bottom •Picture relaxing places & activi- ties •See yourself beating problems. THE STRESS  WINNER  - The   12 KEYS Humour & Laughter KEY #6: COMMUNICATE Assertiveness •  Listening •   Resolving Conflict. KEY #8 :      MONEY MANAGEMENT KEY #7: TIME MANAGEMENT: • Find a Purpose •  Set  Goals •  Balance your Life •  Plan  your Time • Stop Procrastinating KEY #5 : THINKING &  ATTITUDES Get your STRESS 'VISOR' in place. You feel the way you think, so Choose your attitude Rational and Positive Thinking . Describe problems accurately. Select attitudes of : Optimism, Flexibility , Persistence,  Learning, Forgiveness - and Happiness (always a choice) Altruism Deliberately doing good deeds  SOLVE PROBLEMS Brainstorm Make good Decisions KEY #4:  FITNESS • DIET:  Balanced. Less caf- feine, alcohol. Eat less at night •  EXERCISE : Aerobic (run,bike),  Strengthening (weightlifting)   Sports • SLEEP  - Routine. Deep re- laxation, fantasies. KEY#2: WORRY WELL Don’t stew Write worries down Put in categories Solvable/unsolvable KEY #9 :  THE  ‘BACKPACK’ 1. UNDERSTAND     STRESS, SYMPTOMS 2. We've all got 'faults'!  Reduce: stressful  emotions  : Anger, Guilt, Fear. Dump stressful  habits: Perfectionism, Procrastination 3.  Build Self-Esteem. KEY#11 : ‘TIME-OUTS’ Take a Break.Dump TV. Do  omething active. Use all senses  & abilities KEY #1:  RESPONSIBILTY  - take it KEY #10: SUPPORTERS • Relationships and Love • Counselling/Therapy    Your personal coach.  . • Beliefs.  Faith in  something  ‘higher’  KEY #12:  CHANGE Know the stages, understand why you  don’t   do it!
STRESS'       ( The ‘Befo What we feel when life’s demands seem more than we can         handle comfortably, for more than a brief period. OUR LIFE IS OUT OF BALANCE We see this 'GAP" as a real threat and that's why we get the feelings (the symp- toms) of anxiety, tension, or nervousness.                            THE STRESS 'CONTEST'  This is a way to picture the 'gap', or imbalance which is the definition of stress. It can help us see our problems more clearly. If we're feeling stressed, we're that little person  in a contest against the world, which consists of 1 ) Major Problems   2)  Hassles  (outside stressors) 3) the ' Backpack '  (inner stressors) of our own                       EMOTIONS, GENETICS, SYMPTOMS and HABITS
A LESSON from THE BIBLE In the desert, David and the Israelite army faced the giant Goliath. “We are lost” said the soldiers, “he’s so big we can never beat him” But David looked at Goliath and said “NO, he’s so big I can’t miss”, as he fired a stone from his slingshot which killed the giant instantly. Quotation.... “We are not asked whether we will accept life’s problems That is Not the question We must take them The only question is how.”  (after Henry Ward Beecher)