Workplace Stress Package
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Stress is BAD for Business! STRESS INCREASES LOST TIME, REDUCES PRODUCTIVITY! LOOK HERE for SOLUTIONS TO EMPLOYEE STRESS! The ‘STRESS OF WORKING PACKAGE’ Pricing based on number of employees. · A 500 page CD to install on your Intranet or multiple computers. · A Bound Paper copy · Samples of 6 BOOKS for various departments (production, customer service, etc.), and; · 5 CDs for Relaxation, Stress, Sleep problems, Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation. On the CD: · 25 main sections. Information is easy to find: Stress Symptoms, Worry, Problem Solving. Work Stresses including Shift Work, Relaxation, Lifestyle Change, Attitudes, Communication, Conflict and more · COPYING RIGHTS for what you need. Employee Health or H.R. staff can use it for training or to reinforce advice · EASY to read, EASY to remember and EASY to USE information · Many Questionnaires, Quotes and anecdotes, and a one page summary in each section · Click here to view samples of the material Optional Training Services: Introductory Workshop/Seminar. Length: 1/2 day to 2 days. An organizational survey including workshops with departments, and a full report. FACILITATOR Training. You can run your own sessions. For price & to enquire about bulk orders, click   HERE The Problem In many companies and institutions a high proportion of employees report feeling stressed, or depressed.   THE COST OF STRESS TO ORGANIZATIONS IS VERY HIGH. WHY? High stress levels increase absenteeism, and your annual short & long term disability & WSIB claims . The estimated cost per employee per year is $2,600, plus medical costs, (hypertension, stroke, musculoskeletal disorders, obesity, smoking ). MEDICAL COSTS Stress absences average 20 days. · Anxiety/depression increase risk of: · Hypertension and Stroke · Musculoskeletal disorders (RSI and strains) · Obesity & Smoking: Expensive!  · 50% of workers report high stress level · 25% feel “burned out” and depressed The StressWinner Solution! ORGANIZATIONS - Need to: listen, understand and empathize with stresses WORK GROUPS - Meet regularly with a facilitator to assess stresses in each area. Solutions may come from management, from the group, or from individuals INDIVIDUALS - The more control people have over actions and feelings, the more they can thrive on problems and avoid burnout. Training offers real benefits to employees. · Time management & communication skills · Relaxation techniques · Changing ineffective thinking patterns