Teacher Stress Package
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In 1998, stress was “The Epidemic of the ’90s”. Nothing much has changed. Many educators face tremendous challenges, unheard of even 20 years ago. Work overload, budget constraints and balancing work and home-life are among major concerns. Chronic stress is very expensive and disruptive. It directly increases rates of absenteeism, short term disability, depression and, as well as negatively affecting performance, it helps to worsen almost every other medical condition. And in students, rates of depression, anxiety and associated disorders, such as cutting, are rising. What people are saying: Resource Book/CD: “I had not encountered such a thorough, thoughtful, useful and helpful piece of work until I examined yours! This is resource material that no teacher should be without”! Mrs. Beth McCosh, B.A., B.Ed., Guidance Counsellor, Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School “I was very impressed with the amount of material, the range of topics included, and its usefulness as a staff resource...” Judith Hoye, Principal Manordale Public School Nepean, Ontario Stressed Out! Taking Control of Student Stress: "Dr. Dave Rainham, a family doc in Kitchener, has assembled a readable, helpful guide to dealing with those frayed nerves of yours. He defines and de-constructs stress and then offers some useful methods and exercises for dealing with it. If you’re in real crisis, you can just scurry right to the back of the book where Rainham addresses some specific stressful situations you might be experiencing socially, with parents or with teachers. You could read this well-written book in one stress-free evening and start making some changes tomorrow."                Stu Slayen What! Publishers Inc. ". ... the writing is delightful for adolescents ... contents are clear and repetitive enough ...diagrams add immeasurably to the enjoyment of the material. The team sees the material as creative, accurate and useful".  John Zinkann, M.S.W., Coordinator, Adolescent Team Child and Adolescent Psychiatric & Mental Health Services K-W Hospital "I was impressed.......basing the book on the challenge of sports made it more acceptable to adolescents. .......I discovered answers to my problems... I hope you will share your ideas". Adele Newton (age 15) "Counsellors, Special Educators, and the P. E. Department Head have all read the book....an excellent resource....can be used in any of those areas. Practical, easy to read ... useful as a tool for individuals as well as groups. We hope you will pursue its use in our classrooms". Ray Dahl - Head of Counselling, Bluevale Collegiate "...Very clear and readable... Students have found it helpful ... it makes many of their concerns explicit and offers concrete suggestions. Useful topics .. include flexibility, relaxation, tips on overcoming insomnia....." S. Hill - Special Education Head, Waterloo Collegiate
Teacher's Stress Resource Package "THE STRESS OF TEACHING RESOURCE" - $99.00
A 450 page workbook with CD version. 25 interactive and informative sections, with questionnaires, quotes and jokes. Practical information on common issues related to stress and wellness A MUST FOR EVERY EDUCATION FACILITY! Includes a 120 page book “The Stress of Teaching’, a Relaxation CD to help teach relaxation, AND a 100 page photocopiable teaching resource for stress in high school students. *We offer a complete money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the material.
The complete package can be yours for only $99.00. For additional information or to enquire about bulk orders, click   HERE 
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