Dr. David Rainham
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Speeches and Stress Workshops
A Speech That Makes A Difference Dr. David Rainham is a Family Physician, author, speaker and creator of the StressWinner model.  His interest in Stress Management was sparked by the frustration of dealing with the many patients with unpleasant and sometimes frightening symptoms who tunr not to have a specific disease but suffe from anxiety and tension resulting from a wide variety of stresses.Helping patients recognize and manage stress became a major part of his practice and led to the development of today’s vast catalogue of tools, books, booklets and training. Dr. Rainham has also written a weekly newspaper column and has been a regular contributor for a variety of magazines, newsletters and radio and television programs Speaking In addition to his writing, Dr. Rainham is an accomplished speaker, using a friendly, very humorous style. His speeches and presentations to a large variety of companies, organizations and conferences have all been highly successful and have received excellent reviews. Stress, Health and Happiness is an informative overview on the nature of stress, how to recognize and understand the symptoms and, of course, what to do about it. He introduces the 12 Key model which describes simple, effective strategies and skills in a way that is easily remembered and therefore more likely to be USED!   He will give you a new way to  think about happiness, and show how the 12 Key model can not only increase your resilience to stress, but put you in charge of your happiness as well. Other keynote topics and titles: 12 Keys to Ultimate Health Keys to Productivity and Performance Balancing Work, Home and Life Stress is a Laughing Matter! Money, Stress and Happiness Survival Skills for a World in Turmoil Stress and the Caregiver Stress, Health and Happiness...in                                                                                          practice and beyond (A presentation                                                        for health care providers) Absenteeism and Injury - A prescription                                                    for reducing claims ( for HR managers                                                    and Occupational nurses) The Stress of Teaching, Police work,                                                 Medicine and many other occupations Kids have stress too Workshops Most life and work issues have an underlying stress factor attached to them. Our half day workshop programs assist in identifying the root causes. We then provide education and motivation to assist participants in making the necessary changes to assist them to increase personal performance. Winning your Battle with Stress Participants receive a Winning your Battle with Stress Kit with worksheets, checklists and audiotape. In the program participants explore Stress symptoms, the true meaning of stress, ways to worry effectively and practical skills and key attitudes for effective communication, problem solving, time management and relaxation. We then work to lay the foundation for successfully taking charge of stress. Twelve keys to Ultimate Health Prior to this workshop, participants complete the Twelve Keys to Ultimate Health assessment. It is designed to assist people to identify imbalances in key areas, through a series of questions. Participants then learn about the interaction between the keys areas - Eating & Sleeping - Fitness - Thoughts & Attitudes - Communication -Time Management - Money Management - Emotions & Feelings - Relationships - Beliefs - Relaxation. Each section is reviewed, providing tips for enhancement. Stress, Health and Happiness Dr. Rainham explores the deep connections between Stress, Health and Happiness.  Participants are introduced to the key components of The StressWinner Model and we provide simple, practical ideas and strategies  which help us become equal to or even stronger than the stresses we face every day.  Key areas explored include: A  New Look at Happiness - Attitudes - Communication- Time Management - Physical Fitness -  Humour - Relationships  -  Relaxation - Worry - Problem Solving - Time Outs -   Creating Support Systems.