About Dr. Dave Rainham

Dr. Dave Rainham has been a Family Physician in Waterloo, Ontario, for 39 years. Early in his career he found that:

  1. Stress, anxiety and depression are major reasons why people visit doctors. The majority of his patients with unpleasant and sometimes frightening symptoms had no specific disease but were suffering from anxiety and tension resulting from a wide variety of stresses.
  2. Stress interferes with healthy habits
  3. It plays a part in every serious illness, and
  4. It destroys lasting happiness

It also became obvious that childhood abuse and neglect plays a huge role in illness, chronic pain, addictions and depression.

As a result, Dr. Rainham created Optimum Health Resources to distribute a wide variety of simple, practical, multimedia resources on stress, coping and illness, for both public and professionals.

He has also co-founded ‘Action For Children’ a foundation dedicated to the abolition of child abuse in all its forms.

Helping patients manage stress was a major part of his family medical practice. He began by just teaching relaxation techniques, then developed a simple model of stress that makes it easy to remember and practise the many strategies we can use to take control of our reactions to life’s problems.

He expanded a one page summary of all the basic ideas into a 20 page booklet, “Winning your Battle with Stress”, a 70 page book, ‘StressWinner’ and a 256 page book ‘Stress 101’ as well as audio versions and a 2 hour video workshop.

He has also adapted the basic ideas in books for various groups of people:

For Students: “Stressed Out”, “Taking Control of Student Stress”,”Kids Have Stress Too!”

For Workplace Stress, “The Stress of Working”, Sales, Customer Service, Middle Management“

For various Occupations: The Stress of Nursing”, (Plus Teaching, Law. Medicine, Farming and Accounting)

For various Situations such as aging and parents “Getting Older, Growing Stronger”, “The Stress of Parenting Toddlers” – and Teens.

For Various Illnesses: The Stress Factor of Diabete, Heart Disease, Cancer, Headaches and High Blood Pressure He has created CDs and downloads on Basic Stress, Relaxation, Weight Loss, Insomnia, Smoking Cessation and Chronic Pain.

He has contributed to magazines and radio and for five years wrote a weekly newspaper column. In his spare time, Dr. Rainham has created Stress and Life Management programs for employers to make available to their employees, a manual of stress for Teachers and a Teaching Guide for High School Students.

His materials are used by individuals and corporations across the country and he regularly speaks and trains employers in the techniques of preventative stress management.

Dr. Rainham is a 1968 graduate of the Welsh National School of Medicine. In addition to his General Medical Practice, he was an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Practice of University of Western Ontario for 23 years, and is a Fellow of The American Institute of Stress.


To provide information about stress and coping skills based on a simple visual model Information is available:

  • In different degrees of detail, from pamphlets, to books, to large manuals
  • In Print, Audio, Video and Workshop formats
  • Adapted for different Ages, Occupations, Illnesses, and Situations
  • For Professionals to use in their practices We believe that the the time to start educating people about emotional self-regulation is in early childhood

Any Profits will be used to fund ‘Action For Children’, an organization dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and the support of children at risk.

Davids’ corporate clients for stress management include:

  • Bank of Montreal
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • City of Kitchener
  • City of Waterloo
  • Dupont Canada
  • Farm Credit Corporation
  • Intria Items
  • Irving Group of Companies
  • Sun Life
  • U.S. Navy
  • Industrial Accident Prevention Association
  • Educational Safety Association of Ontario
  • School Boards, Colleges and Hospitals across North America

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