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Dr. David Rainham is a Family Physician, author, speaker and creator of the StressWinnertm model.
His interest in Stress Management developed through the frustration of finding that the majority of patients with unpleasant and sometimes frightening symptoms had no specific disease but were suffering from anxiety and tension resulting from a wide variety of stresses.

Helping patients recognize and manage stress became a major part of his practice and lead to the development of various tools,books, booklets and presentations.

Dr. Rainham also writes a weekly newspaper column and is a regular contributor for a variety of magazines, newsletters and radio and television programs.

In addition to his writing, Dr. Rainham is an accomplished speaker using a friendly, light hearted style to educate and motivate regarding the impact of stress in our lives. He continuously receives great reviews for his presentations to a large variety of companies, organizations and conferences.

Stress, Health and Happiness
An informative overview on what stress is, how to recognize the signs of stress and burn out in yourself and others and, of course, what to do about it!

In this presentation, Dr. Rainham also makes the link to the symptom side of the issue explaining how we often attempt to treat the symptoms – sickness, injury, anxiety, burn out rather assessing stress load and working towards greater resiliency and prevention.

He introduces the model of the StressWinner tm to provide a simple illustration of the key skills and attributes to enhance and balance life.

Other keynote topics and titles

  • 12 Keys to Ultimate Health
  • Keys to Productivity and Performance
  • Creating Resilient Organizations
  • Balancing Work, Home and Life
  • I’m so Frustrated…I should Laugh!
  • Money, Stress and Happiness
  • Survival Skills for a Changing World
  • Stress and the Care Giver
  • Stress, Health and Happiness…in practice and beyond
    (A presentation for health care providers)
  • Absenteeism and Injury – A prescription for managing claims
    (A presentation for hr managers and occupational nurses)
  • The Stress of Teaching
  • Kids have Stress too!


Most life and work issues have an underlying stress factors attached to them.
Our half day workshop programs assist in identifying the root causes. We then provide education and motivation to assist participants in making the necessary changes to assist them in increasing personal productivity and performance.

Winning your Battle with Stress
Participants receive a Winning your Battle with Stress Kit with worksheets, checklists and audiotape.
In the program participants explore Stress symptoms, the true meaning of stress, ways to worry effectively and practical skills and key attitudes for effective communication, problem solving, time management and relaxation. We then work to lay the foundation for successfully taking charge of stress.

Twelve keys to Ultimate Health
Prior to this workshop, participants complete the Twelve Keys to Ultimate Health assessment. It is designed to assist individuals in identifying imbalances in key areas, through a series of questions. Participants then learn about the interaction between the keys areas – Eating & Sleeping – Fitness – Thoughts & Attitudes – Communication -Time Management – Money Management – Emotions & Feelings – Relationships – Beliefs – Relaxation. Each section is reviewed providing tips for enhancement and balancing.

Stress, Health and Happiness
Dr. Rainham explores the connection between Stress, Health and Happiness. Focus on learning to recognize the signs of distress in ourselves and others. Participants are then introduced to the key components of The StressWinner ™ Model and time is taken to explore effective ways to enhance performance or create greater balance in these areas.

Key areas explored include: Attitudes – Communication- Time Management – Physical Fitness Humour – Relationships Relaxation – Worry – Problem Solving – Time Outs and Creating Support Systems.

Charting Your StressMap®
Prior to the workshop participants complete their personal StressMap® profile.
The StressMap® focuses on stress, health and performance in four main areas: Your Environment, Coping Responses, Inner World, and Signals of Distress.

We review the role and impact of stress on all aspects of our lives and proceedto discuss creating a personal plan to take charge of stress and lay the foundation for making positive changes to your profile.

A group profile option is also available where we confidentiallyplot all participants so that they can be aware of diversity and similarities of profile.

  • Maximum 25 participants
  • StressMap® Presentation Skills
  • Learnhow to integrate the StressMap™® profile in to your health and wellness programs.
  • Idealfor in house trainers, human resources or trainers in the health field looking to add additional value to their service options.
  • One on One or Group session – Max. 10 participants

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