Twelve – 30 Second Stress Reducers

by stresswinner on December 23, 2009

• SEE yourself controlling a huge array of skills and strengths
• WRITE down your 5 top problems & your first action for each
• ASK yourself how important each will be in 5 years
• BREATHE. 5 times Slow & Regular. Count 4 in and 5 out
• PICTURE a beach or aother relaxing place
• SMILE, LAUGH  (as long as you don’t get arrested!)
• SLOW DOWN your walking, talking, driving
• STRETCH/YAWN.  Loosens muscles.  Helps slow breathing
• SQUEEZE a grip exerciser 30 times with each hand
• WALK if only to the washroom. It’s a break & release of tension
• DO 20 pushups and sit-ups
• IMAGINE (repeatedly) getting through a situation successfully

When you feel anxious and tense, picture that tension as POWER.

How will you use it? To suffer with symptoms, or to harness the energy to become stronger and enjoy life?

It’s Your Choice!

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