12 Keys to Stress Control

by stresswinner on December 23, 2009

You don’t have to have had a stress-free life to be happy. Everyone will face lots of problems, and happiness seems to come from facing problems and overcoming them.
The more we strengthen ourselves by practising these basic ideas, the more likely we are to experience our share of happiness.  Remember this  phrase:
Ready?  We’re  Ready  For Trouble!    Challenges Toughen  Me.
Be  Strong,  Take   Charge!

Responsibility: for Mood.  Take it.  Assess  the Situation accurately 

Worry: do it Right.  (Write them down) Problem Solve.  Take some kind of action.  Accept some things. Awfulize

Relaxation: Learn & Practise. Use imagination to see success

Fitness: Exercise daily,  Balanced Diet, Enough Sleep Think. Accurately.  Perspective.

Attitudes: Optimism, Flecxibility, Persistence,  Humour., Gratitude, Learning, make Happiness a choice….

Communicate: Listen. Assert. Deal with Difficult People

Time Management: Purpose, Goals: Plan. Do.

Money  Management: Emotions, Styles, Plan, Keep Track

BackPack (Inner emotional stress): Guilt, Fear, Low self-esteem etc.

Support: Spouse, Family/Friends, Counselling, Beliefs

Time-Outs: Dump TV.   Volunteer,  Music, Crafts, Journal

Change: Know about Stages, Ambivalence, Relapses….

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