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As a Family Physician for 41 years, I have seen the massive damage that stress can cause to our health and happiness. But I have also seen that using simple ideas and skills can put people in charge and change everything.                         SOME STRESS is  GOOD.  It  MOTIVATES and  ENERGIZES us                                            But TOO MUCH STRESS is  NOT GOOD! DISEASES:  Some are directly caused by stress. All are worsened  by it LIFESTYLE: Stress can stop you from quitting smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling -  or losing weight  HAPPINESS:  Over-Stressed people are not happy people! STRESSWINNER CAN HELP  by putting the RIGHT person in charge of your stress: YOU. Learn and practice the 12 Keys. You’ll feel stronger and more equal to life’s challenges Why StressWinner?   1. EASY TO REMEMBER  See stress as a ‘contest’. Being stressed means we feel weaker than our problems, and we feel the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety. Use a simple mnemonic and visual images to keep The 12 Keys in the front of your mind, then feel more EQUAL to whatever life throws at you. 2. SIMPLE  LANGUAGE 3. DIFFERENT LENGTHS: Basic Titles come as: A stress ‘credit card’, 20 page pocket booklets, and 40, 150, 250 and 450 page books.  4. DIFFERENT SITUATIONS: Control the stress factor in many Occupations, Illnesses, and Situations such as unemployment or being a parent. 5. DIFFERENT FORMATS: Available as books, eBooks, on CD, MP3 and Video 6. REALISTIC: Although there is no magic answer, we can take responsibility for our mood, take action, and use whatever skills are needed to become stronger and happier because of the problems we face. Disclaimer: StressWinner tools are not presented as a medical treatment for any specific disease or condition.  Anyone with troublesome or persistent symptoms should work closely with their personal physician whose responsibility it is to find out what is wrong and to recommend the best treatment.  See the Terms of Use for this site.
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Find A StressWinner Stress Reduction Training Course Quote  of the Week "The trick is in what one emphasizes.      We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.   The amount of work is the same." Carlos Castaneda WHAT’S NEW  IN STRESS? WHAT IS        STRESS?